Ooh Saylac Tell Mr Silanyo Two Plus Two is no Longer 5 But Four Plus One is Really 5

ReerSaylacForcesMr President who is your enemy? Who is your advisor about demographics and statistics? Where is Somaliland? What is territorial integrity?

Hadaad mudo kusoo caano maashay laba laba ugee waa shan imika way soo dhamaatay madaxwayne; imika 4 loogeyey hal waa shanta Soomaalida. Ha’nagu qasbin inaan difaacano degaankayaga oo aan kala danbayta anaguna tuurno sidaad u tuuraysid

Mr. President this is your chance and the only chance you may ever have in decision making of Saylac; therefore take the right decision. You must respect the territorial integrity of Saylac District. We will never accept any land deal that you may sign with the dictator Ismail Omar Geele. There is no land that you can exchange with your dream of recognition; if you try to interfere the election result of Saylac you will absolutely regret.

We can easily build a strategic and regional dominance. We, as an Awdal Nation, have the power to build a strong coalition.

To the south, we have the great nation of Ogadenia and the power of the new police, and Oromia, to the west and Djibouti we have our Afar brothers and sister and their military machine. To the far East, we have SSC nation and the support of Somali nation.

Mr Silanyo you have the choice: two plus two is no longer five, but four plus one is 5 (Awdal+Ogadenia+SSC+Affar+Oromo=Somali Nation); use this formula this time and stay away from Saylac and the great nation of Awdalland.

One important note to Djibouti and Dictator Geele, you know your demographics; do you have robust population in Somali territory? The Samaron population in Djibouti is significantly larger than the Isse population you may ever had in Somali territory. where is our share in Djibouti Mr Geele?

Mr Silanyo you can not have the both way: fake elections working for your regions and rigging election for particular regions such as Saylac. Election results are one results and must be respected otherwise lets all defend our territorial integrity and fight to the teeth. Warning Mr President, do not interfere Saylac district and its result and population dynamics. This region is very sensative region and do not underestimate the will power of Saylici people or “Reer Saylac”

You may see this image of fake regions in your mind but look at the real map below and check who is who in Somali race to the top?


(Malaha mapkan baa guriga kuu sudhan kala qayb qaybinta gobolo aan jirin laakiin khariidada runta ah ee aad ku taalo u fiirso mapka hoose:)

Mr President you are somebody because of us otherwise you are not more than a tribal leader with warlord’s experience. You will no longer be welcomed as a president if you lose Saylac, the real Saylac not Djibouti.


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