Zeila Election By Suleiman Egeh

His Excellency President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siiranyo

CC: His Excellency Vice-President: Abdulrahman Abdullahi Al-Zeili

Reversing the will of the people of Zeila will be an Unacceptable proposition

Mr. President the people of Zeila has spoken through the ballot box, and reversing or manipulating that noble act is unacceptable. Mr. President Zeili is a historical place where the Gadabouri tribe has a very long and rich history. It is intertwined with the psyche of the every Gadaboursi person. The attachment of Gadabouri s to Zeila and Djibouti is age old, and similar to the historical, and spiritual attachment of the world Jewry and the Palestinian to the sacred city of Jerusalem.  Those who are well-versed with the history of Zeila, the Ifat and the Adal Empires know the enormous Gadaboursi contribution to those civilizations. Moreover, it is noteworthy of the Gadaboursi contribution to the establishment and the foundation of the peace the Republic of Somaliland is enjoying today.  Gadaboursi are peaceful people who believe on the notion of live and let live, but at the same time, they are people who will never accept injustice, and the usurpation of their rights. Be very careful and vigilant and never let foreign states that are hostile to Somaliland interfere our internal affairs in general and Zeila affair in particular. You know those who are crying foul are not loyal Somaliland citizens; we also know the foreign states pushing them are also hostile to Somaliland and its people. The Gadaboursi will never accept any form of injustice perpetrated against any one. In the same token they will never accept any one to infringe on their inalienable rights God bestowed on them.  The Gadaboursi are running out of patience with those pretenders to the Zeila throne. These people need to stop their unfair pronouncements, and false accusations. The will of the people of Zeila must be respected. Gadboursi are good and peaceful neighbors, but they are formidable foes as well. Peace is nice and sweet, and I hope everybody must understand that. These people need to stop their false grievances and nuisance. Last but not least,  Reversing the free and fair elections that have been held in Zeila is unacceptable.

Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor.