Somaliland Independence and Sovereignty is Sacred and Non-negotiable

On behalf of the “Mahad Ase” Committee of North America we are hereby to express tabout our utmost outrage of the so-called Taleh conference. We condemn the empty ,  hostile utterances and  mirage wishes coming from that so-called meeting which is clearly an anti-Somaliland forum.

We also very regretful about  how the Somaliland government has allowed such a meeting where so many criminals, anti-Somaliland charlatans, failed warlords and other shady personalities participated. Such a meeting or any one like It cannot and will not affect Somaliland right for self-determination and sovereignty. We are also here to declare our readiness to defend our country and independence against anyone who dare to interfere our internal affairs.

Few Days picnic or get together can do nothing to our hard won independence. We will also like to inform the vagabond so-called “ Awdal State” and the life hotel dwellers “Ismail Buubaa” you do not have the moral fortitude, integrity or following to say anything about the Republic of Somaliland. So-called IGAD dictators,  or the declining lackluster organization,  the UN, or tribalist,  the Fascist Siyad Barre remnant called “Osman Hassan”  do not have the power to reverse Somaliland’s self-determination. So-called Mirage Awdal State that never existed have already Vanished From the Scene. The whole thing was the work of few welfare recipients in North America. That false dream was dead on arrival as we already predicted. If you know the “SNM” war of independence and its ferocity, can you image the intensity of a defensive war Somaliland and it s people will launch had we attacked by the sworn enemies who hate our freedom and independence.  Let us learn from DPRK, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, and others who were the victims of imperialist forces and their allies and supporters.


Long Life the Peoples’ Republic of Somaliland

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