Having received concerns from various sources, both in and outside the Gadabursi TOL, the Tol Leadership Council (TLC) is issuing this clarification bulletin. Over the past few months, members of the general TOL and others have expressed confusion about the distinction between the TLC as an organization and other entities such as Hiilqaran   political party or any declarations for an Awdal State.

The TLC has NO affiliation whatsoever with either Hiilqaran or claims for an Awdal State.

The TLC is strictly a civic organization; it is not a political party or an opposition group. It draws voluntary membership from the Tol Diaspora community around the world; it applies no litmus test to its members other than to share in its vision and mission, and as such, respects the individual opinions and political affiliations of its members outside of the organization. As such, TLC members could be constituent elements of other organizations, political or civic, through the exercise of their rightful individual choices and decisions outside of the TLC.

We feel it is important to dispel any doubts or misinformation about the TLC and its objectives. The TLC does not aim to work against any community or government; it recognizes and respects the authority and prerogatives of the current traditional and political leadership of the Gadabursi TOL; it acknowledges and respects the authority and prerogatives of the governments of the region, namely Somaliland, Djibouti and Ethiopia, of which the TOL is a major part and parcel; it aims to work collaboratively with current traditional and political leadership of the TOL without regard to party or any other affiliation.

One of our primary goals is to build on the strengths of existing traditional leadership; to build on achievements already made; to enhance, not undermine, the need for close cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and collective safeguarding of communal rights and responsibilities with intimate and neighboring communities and the authorities of Somaliland, Ethiopia, and the Republic of Djibouti of which the TOL is an integral part.

More than anything, the TLC fully supports the precious peace, stability, and measurable progress the Somaliland communities have collectively established and nurtured over the past two decades. It is that enabling concord, democratic and constitutional order that have allowed its citizens to rebuild communal institutions and sustainable livelihoods in their various locales.

For more information about the TLC mission, vision, and values, please visit this link at our official website:

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