So-called United Nations, World Bank and the IMF are Vestiges of the Colonial Era

So-called United Nations, World Bankand the IMF are vestiges of the colonial era that can’t be sustainable in their current format and structure in the 21st century


“If these organizations are to surviveas viable organizations in the 21st century, they need to convert frombodies that represent tyrannical states into peoples’ bodies.” First of allthey need to be peoples’ membership organizations whereby people of the world areallowed to become members. Now they are organizations where its members includehuge number of unelected tyrants. They became the vanguards of these tyrants.They are the protectors and sustainers of tyrants, despots and criminalkillers. In other wards they become the financial sponsors of tyrants, crooks,and genocidal killers. The former genocidal leaders of Rwanda were members ofthe UN. UN member countries include brutal killers masquerading as leaders suchas Kaddafi, Mubarak, deposed Zhin Al-Abidin of Tunisia, Saddam Hussein, Syria’sAssad, and all the African despots such as Mugabe, the Horn of Africa despots, andmany other potentially genocidal despots. The membership of the UNorganizations is free and no questions are asked as far as the state is not perceivedas an enemy of the west. There was never any accountability of the actions oftyrants and dictators. They love the UN because It gives them their badlyneeded legal seal of legitimacy. Had they  not change and very quickly many nations andtheir people will storm out from these organizations, and be open to  a form new international organizations thatreflect the aspirations of the people of the world. They ignored the DemocraticRepublic of Somaliland who fulfilled all the conditions for an independentsovereign state and beyond. The raging Middle Eastern revolutions willdefinitely shake the UN, other international organizations, and the formercolonial powers to their foundation. With so many countries to be taken over bytheir people, they will never accept the UN in its current status and powerstructure”

The following are excerpts from a newprovocative book written a British scholar called Dan Plesch:

“The war involved many of the same kind ofgrubby compromises and alliances with unsavory governments that would befamiliar to present day observers, who have expressed outrage that deposedLibyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi’s governmentcould secure a seat in the Human Rights Council, or a nuclear outlier likeNorth Korea could get a seat on the U.N. disarmament commission.”

What the book excerpt isasserting is in conjunction with my personal observation and research. Theyhave the habit of striking deals with tyrannical states and leaders.

The worldand particularly the former colonized and later under the yolk ofneo-colonialism in the form of western backed tyrannical regimes appears comingto an end or in its last throes. The massive peoples’ uprisings plaguing theMiddle East, and North Africa is a prelude to a a new world–wide anti-colonialuprising  that is aimed  hat will unshackle themselves from thelayered  imperial networks of controlmechanisms, that were meticulously laid out by the declining colonial powers in1945, following their victory over their other aspiring colonialpower-Nazi-Germany, Fascist Italy and Japan.

“Plesch, for example, cites a decision byEisenhower to permit a cooperation agreement with a leader of the pro-NaziVichy government in France. And in perhaps the most far-reaching war-timeinnovation – the lend-lease program — American factories supplied massiveamounts of material to the British and, more controversially, to JosephStalin’s Red Army.”

This is another example ofthe controversy and shadiness of the founders of the United Nations who stilldominate the organization, despite the seismic structural and power change thathappened since the UN inception in 1845.

The massive network they formed is the so-called UnitedNations, and their affiliated financial organization the so-called World Bank,IMF. The undeclared purpose of forming these organizations was to control theworld militarily, financially and politically. Closely looking into these organizationswill find out they are imperial organization, which are far from serving worldpeace and economical well-being. From their actions, these organizations arevestiges of the colonial era.

The SecurityCouncil which is nominally designed to keep world peace, its resolution arevery sparse, selective, and often the reflection of the veto wielding Europeancolonial powers who posses 4 out of 5 veto power. This organization can onlysurvive and become a viable organization unless it has to go through fundamentalstructural changes where the body changes from a representative of states andoften tyrannical states into peoples’ organization.

There arealso other lackluster regional organizations that basically do nothing, andnominal organization such as the Arab League and the so-called AU who are alsothe prototypes of the United States. They barely criticize despots despitetheir blunders, brutal crackdown and killing of their people. The Arab League isa little bit better than the AU, because it helped out in the Libyan revolutionthat eventually succeeded and toppled Kaddafi. This just happened because atthe time, massive Arab spring demonstrations were going on in Egypt, Libya,Bahrain, and Yemen.

The United Nations and its security council has standby the Rwandagenocide, the carnage in Liberia, former Somalia, Bosnia where the UN Dutchforces permitted Serbs to slaughter more eight thousand men and boys inSrebrenica. They stood by butcher Mugabewhile ravaging the people of Zimbabwe.  They letEritrean war of independence for thirty years, and never made tyrantMengistu Haile Maryam of genocide. In his tormented tenure time, thisuneducated and genocidal butcher has precipitated the intensification of the Eritreanwar of independence which attempted to end with a military solution which wasfailed and eventually ended with the Eritrean independence. As there is nohuman and fairness in this world, Mengist’s brutal was never condemned by TheUN or anybody. For the former colonial powers, their interest supersedeshumanity. They always talk about humanity, but it’s nothing but a lip serviceand hogwash.

In spite of the fact Mengistu has committedso much heinous actions which amount to a war crime and crimes against humanity,stands out for me, is his airstrike of the beautiful Borama, Somaliland, andthe killing of hundreds of innocent elementary students. This is something Iwill neither forget nor forgive, and especially the clannish and illiterateanimal-Siyad Barre’s soldier, who abandoned the few anti-aircraft positions inthe city.  There were rumors going on atthe time along the lines, that he has intentionally abandoned his post, becausethe people of Borama do not belong to his tribe. That person must be pursuedwherever he is today, and make him accountable of being a part of that terriblegenocide against the students. At end of the day genocidal despot Siyad Barrewas equally responsible of that Borama tragedy and the more brutal crackdownagainst Somaliland.

Regardingall those things and many other examples I will elaborate in other articles,The United Nations did nothing about the brutal oppression and genocide aboutthe people of South Sudan.



UN archives in the library of congress

SulemanEgeh: Freelance writer and a senior science instructor.

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