“Would the parliamentary members of Somaliland pass the gay marriage issue?!

Date;14/3/2017- by.Dr.Abdi E.Obseyeh.,Borama.S/land.
In Somaliland, an extraordinary thing happened in the house of parliament and the House of elders 2 weeks ago. If you are not aware of this, please try to watch this video clip from the YouTube(the house of parliament Somaliland). As you watch this video you will burst out laughing and then you will stop to think again and ask Yourself “who are these people? Are they on the dark ages? Or on the hunting ages where the community lived in the jungle law?
Alas! I feel shame to the members of the parliamentary and the house of elders who could not spare a single value of their dignity.

I don’t like to count back the former issues they have passes without Sensible debate, but I am afraid they may also try to pass the issue of gay Marriage for the coming months.

Most of our parliamentary members deceive the community and don’t do
a serious debate of the issues proposed. If you try to review the Somaliland
Constitution you will find many pending issues under the title of
‘‘XEER AYAA QEEXI DOONA” which means special discussion will explain this portion later on. Are we serious then?
We all know that debates are the opportunity of all parliamentary members
And the house of elders to discuss government policy, proposal of new law and
Current issues, when an issue debate ends the chairperson should ask questions
and a decision is made through a vote. But the behavior of our parliamentary members and the house of elders was not ethical and unacceptable, they should learn from the base.
OH., my Allah lead me from hate to love
Lead me from anger to happiness
Lead me from injustices to justice
By Dr.AbdI Elmi Obseyeh.

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