All Somalis must fully support and standby H.E Abdi Mohamoud Ileyand to fight against Oromo Aggression

The ascension of Abiy Ahmed to the Premiership in Ethiopia April  2018  for reformist policies, he is yet to get his hands dirty in solving the age-old Oroma Borana- Somali pastoralist conflict.

Violence has broken out in an eastern city in Ethiopia after federal troops took over key positions including the local parliament.

Soldiers were deployed in Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali region, after an apparent rift between local authorities and the national government.

Somali community began to protest against such Oromo’s aggression people voluntarily come to streets and threw stones to the federal troops who illegally occupied the main buildings of the regional government. Violence, irrupted people   set fire to the streets a and looted shops and targeted Somalis.

.There has also been disagreement over the distribution of the region’s oil wealth. Soldiers arrived in the city on Friday night, where they fought regional paramilitary forces.

These forces were federal and Oromo militia who fully support the aggression of Oromo towards Somali they have been partly responsible for ethnic violence with the neighboring Oromo region, which has claimed hundreds of Somalis lives


Adan Kulow, a based humanitarian law expert and activist says that tension had been brewing for much of the past year.


“Over the past ten months or so, both sides have been launching tit for tat attacks against each other,” said Adan, who makes frequent trips to the region. “The federal government turned a blind eye to the conflict and with time it worsened.”


On Tuesday July 10th, clashes between pastoralists outside of the town killed some ten people. But it is what followed over the next three days that has shocked the inhabitants of the region.


“Clashes between the two date back over a hundred years,” explains Adan. “But we saw Oromo militia carry out an unprovoked massacre of around 50 civilians who were completely uninvolved in the violence. This is not just another dispute for land. They brought their weapons into villages that are normally spared from this sort of thing.”


Between the 11th and the 13th, villages in the areas of Chamuq, Malab and Hararsam were completely razed to the ground. The villages targeted were inhabited primarily by the Garri. People were massacred and property set ablaze, sometimes with their doomed owners inside. The perpetrators appear to have been members of an armed Oromo militia.

Screengrab from a video showing a mourning procession for around a dozen Somali victims of communal violence, killed in the Moyale area

“We could hear them laughing and taunting us in the Oromo language,” said Mohammed Abdi, 29. Mohammed is in danger of being unable to walk again after taking a bullet to the right knee. His hand was grazed by another bullet. “The federal government has failed us,” Mohammed said. “I saw them shoot men in front of their wives. Why is noone coming to our rescue? Why is (Prime Minister) Abiy doing nothing when we are dying in our homes?”

Mohammed, who is being treated at the Moyale Central Hospital, described his attackers as being a mix of armed militants with gangs of youth. According to him, some of the militants wore camouflage uniforms. Mohammed insists that these were Oromia regional security forces.

Also being treated at the same hospital is Abiya Abdishekur, 70, who lost four children when her village was attacked on the night of the 13th. Abiya, who lives in the Malab kebele, some 10 km away from Moyale, recounted her horrific experience through a translator.

“I woke up and couldn’t breathe. There was fire and smoke everywhere. I put a piece of clothing over my nose and tried to run. I couldn’t even see my family, my eyes burned. I got out but I fainted soon after.”

Everyday Oromo kill and torture Somali civilians who are innocent they cut their flesh into pieces and give animals


All in all we Somalils we must give to fully support to Abdi Mohmoud the president Of Somali zone because Ethipoians all ways wanted to capture Somali Territory and get  re colonize us. Editorial

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